Multipurpose Wall Mounted Broom and Mop Holder | Broom Storage Organizer Hook


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  • Description

    Wall Mounted Broom and Mop Holder

    A broom holder, also known as a broom organizer or broom rack, is a handy storage solution designed to keep brooms, mops, and other cleaning tools organized and easily accessible. It typically consists of a wall-mounted unit with various features to securely hold and store these cleaning items. The holder is typically made of durable materials such as plastic. This ensures it can support the weight of your cleaning tools without breaking or bending.

    • Wall-Mounted: Broom holders are often designed to be mounted on a wall or a door, allowing you to place them in a bathroom or storage area.
    • Multiple Slots or Grips: A broom holder typically has multiple slots or grips that can hold brooms, mops, dusters, and other cleaning tools. 
    • Hooks and Clips: In addition to slots, broom holders often feature hooks, clips, or holders for smaller cleaning items such as dustpans, brushes, or towels.
    • Space-Saving: Broom holders help you save space by keeping your cleaning tools off the floor, which also reduces clutter and makes your storage area more organized.

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