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    Glittering PU Luggage Bags With Spinner Wheels | 4 Piece Set 7" 20" 24" 28 Inches


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    • Description

      PU Check Type Luggage Bag

       PU Check Type 4 Piece Full Set 7" 20" 24" 28 Inches Luggage bag made from PU leather, a synthetic material also known as polyurethane leather, often comes with several features that make it a popular choice for travelers. It is available in an attractive check type pattern. This pattern adds visual interest and gives the luggage bag a stylish appearance. 

      • Lightweight: The luggage bag is generally lighter than hard-shell luggage, making it easier to carry and maneuver.
      • Security: High security number locks for convenience and provide excellent protection for your belongings during your journey.
      • Telescopic Handle: Offers easy mobility, when extended out from the suitcase and locked at different heights for comfortable handling. The handle is typically retractable for easy storage.
      • Double Spinner Wheels: Double spinner wheels are sets of four wheels, with two wheels on each corner of the luggage bag. These wheels can rotate 360 degrees, making it easy to maneuver your suitcase in any direction. The dual-wheel design adds stability and smoothness to the rolling experience.
      • Interior Organization: The suitcase typically have well-designed interiors with compartments, pockets, and straps to keep your belongings organized and secure during transit.
      • Easy Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain. Usually, a damp cloth is sufficient to wipe away dirt or spills, making it a practical choice for luggage that may get dirty during travel.

      Available Sizes:

        - 20" ( 7 Kg to 10 Kg )

        - 24" ( 20 Kg to 25 Kg )

        - 28" ( 30 Kg to 35 Kg )

        - Beauty Case

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