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Electric Barbecue Grill With Thermostat And Grill Height Adjustable For Home Use | ELGRMESTBK



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  • Description

    Electric Grill Price Finally a weekend and clueless about your plans? Throw a surprise party for your close friends or family and make some finger-licking barbecued dishes with this Electric Grill from orbit. This electric grill is portable and is made for both outdoor as well as indoor use. You can choose one depending on your convenience. Removable Parts After you have grilled the contents, you can clean this grill by detaching the parts without any hassle.

    Best Practices:

    1. Make sure that the supply voltage is the same as the voltage marked on the barbecue grill

    2. Never cover the grill rack with Aluminum foil, any kind of kichenware etc.

    3. Always fill the tray with water before you switch on the appliances.

    4. The water level should preferably be kept between the min, and the max, water level marks.

    Special NOTE :

    How to use you barbecue grill?

    1.Fill the tray with appox2L of water. Take care of the min and max water level marks.

    2.Connect the barbecue grill in the mains supply of socket and turn the thermostat knob to the highest setting (Max). The pilot light will come on. Preheat for about 5mintues before use. when gill delicate food stuffs or for warm holding you can turn they thermostat back to a lower position and/or adjust the grill rack to the middle or upper position.

    3.The water in the tray will evaporate during use. it is therefore necessary to fill up water from time to time. be careful not pour water pm the heating element.

    4.When grilling is finished, turn the thermostat to "o" (Off position) and disconnect the grill from the mains supply socket

  • Specification

    • Power - 2000W
    • With Durable Stainless Steel Heating Elements and Chrome Grill
    • Automatic Control with Thermostat
    • Cool Touch Handes
    • With power Indicator Light
    • Drip Tray Included
    • 220-240V 50/60Hz
    • Household Use Only

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