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4 Piece Set 7" 20" 24" 28 Inches Rose Gold Colour Diamond Cut ABS Lightweight Luggage Hard Case Spinner Wheel Trolley Bag


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  • Description

    The Diamond Cut Rose Gold luggage is made of high quality ABS material available in a variety of colours. "Diamond-cut luggage exterior" typically refers to a luggage design or finish that features a pattern or texture resembling diamond cuts or facets on the outer surface of the luggage. This design element is often used to enhance the aesthetics of the luggage and provide a unique and stylish appearance. It is a popular choice for travelers due to its durability, lightweight construction, and resistance to impact.

    • Textured Surface: The exterior of the luggage has a textured surface with a pattern that resembles the facets of a diamond. These pattern can create a visually appealing and distinctive look.
    • Hard shell Construction: Diamond Cut ABS luggage typically features a rigid, hard shell design that helps protect your belongings from damage during travel. The hard exterior resists impact and pressure, making it ideal for handling by airport personnel.  
    • Lightweight: Diamond Cut ABS luggage is known for its lightweight construction, which makes it easier to maneuver and lift, especially when you're trying to meet airline weight restrictions.
    • Durability: Diamond Cut ABS is a tough and robust material that can withstand rough handling, making it less likely to crack or dent compared to soft-sided luggage.
    • Security: High security number locks for convenience and providing excellent protection for the belongings during your journey.
    • Spacious Interiors: The hard shell design doesn't sacrifice internal packing space. ABS suitcases typically have spacious interiors with multiple compartments and pockets for efficient packing and organization.
    • Telescopic Handle: Diamond Cut ABS luggage features a telescopic handle that can be extended and locked at different heights for comfortable handling. The handle is typically retractable for easy storage.
    • Four-Wheel Spinner System: Diamond Cut ABS suitcases come with four smooth multidirectional spinner wheels, allowing for 360-degree maneuverability. This feature makes it easy to navigate through crowded airports and tight spaces.

    Available Sizes:

      - 20" ( 7 Kg to 10 Kg )

      - 24" ( 20 Kg to 25 Kg )

      - 28" ( 30 Kg to 35 Kg )

      - Beauty Case


  • Specification

    ABS Material
    FrameReinforced Zipper Frame
    LockOrdinary Password Lock
    HandleComfortable Handle
    Product Type
    Series Name
    Diamond Cut
    2 Years
    ColourRose Gold
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