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25 MM Golden Lock Padlock | Padlock 25mm - XXLABRLOCX



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  • Description

    25 MM Golden Lock Padlock

    Padlock is made of solid hardened brass body material  with a 4-pin cylinder, single locking and steel shackle.  2  keys made of nickel plated brass can be removed with a padlock open or closed. Padlock helps you secure your locker, rucksack or other belongings you need to secure indoors . It prevents corrosion  to ensure protection against weather conditions. Great for all types of use such as suitcase, backpack, bag, locker, diary, door, drawer , etc . Secure your valuables in hand luggage, day pack, locker.

  • Specification

    NamePull light lock
    Gold imitation copper color
    SizePackaging 25 mm
    Included componentKeys
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